Getting Ready For Christmas 2020?


We are happy to announce that we will be back as of the 2nd of December

With a better and stronger system in place this Christmas and for the foreseeable future. 


Opening the 2nd of December For Regular Customers


    Existing loyal customers from the 2nd of December will receive an exclusive offer carried out through a tiered system

based on your loyalty points and based on your past history with purchasing our smoked salmon. 

Those of you who have been regulars and who have supported H&L for the longest will get early access to the best slot times via email. 


Welcoming All New Customers ☺


In addition to the new system, we are also excited to invite new customers to join us on a subscription basis and to

also be apart of our new journey going into 2021.


*Please be aware that due to our limited capacity and due to the extreme attention to detail that we put into our products, we encourage

you to make your orders and to subscribe as soon as possible, emailing us with any urgent queries that you have regarding orders*


We look forward to seeing you all in the next coming days and weeks!


Best Wishes From Ole Hansen and the H&L team


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