Christmas INFO 2014- Updates// Please read// Latest news


We have sent out an incredible amount of parcels today the 22 of december and for you that are awaiting tracking numbers please be certain that you will receive these on the morning of the 23rd. 

Collections from the smokehouse are welcome from 9 in the morning on the 23rd and please pick up your order before midnight.  

Collections on the 24th- The smokehouse will be open until 17.00 so please collect before this hour. Collections outside this hour will be impossible as we are eating a norwegian christmas dinner with the team at 18.00H

Collections from the...


Our kilns can only smoke 2000 sides before christmas!

-Please get your order in as soon as you can to help our planning.

We do not want to stress the salmon, you nor us, but we have very limited production space and an overwhelming interest every christmas from hungry customers. We bow for your appreciation to our craft. This is what makes us push for improvements every day.